Pic: Stat Reveals Tottenham Pressing Has The Opposition’s Passing Accuracy In Disarray

Mauricio Pochettino produced a tactical masterclass against a rampant Manchester City last weekend, with the Spurs winning the game 2-0 at White Hart Lane.

Both the managers advocated heavy pressing to disrupt each other’s movements- and on the day, it was Poch’s directness combined with the relentless pressing that came out on top. Tottenham suffocated the City midfield, not letting them move the ball around.

This particular aspect of Tottenham’s playing style has been aptly quantified with one simple statistic.

The stat shows that the passing accuracy of all of Tottenham’s opponents in the Premier League have decreased significantly while playing against the Lilywhites.

The Pochettino pressing being most evident against the gegenpressing Liverpool, whose accuracy was down by a whopping 10%. Check it out below!

Stat Reveals Tottenham Pressing Has The Opposition's Passing Accuracy In Disarray

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