Video: Alex Iwobi Acknowledges His “Contender For The Worst Shot Of The Season” During Arsenal v Burnley

Arsenal left it late against a resilient Burnley side on Sunday, scoring the winner in the 93rd minute. The goal, which came courtesy of defender Laurent Koscielny, was rather controversial.

With Burnley appealing that the ball hit the Frenchman’s hand, but the goal stood and Arsenal ran away with three undeserved points.

In a game which was quite mundane, there was another passage of play that was of interest in the game, although for all the wrong reasons if you were Alex Iwobi.

The youngster pulled off a horrible attempt at goal, ballooning a woeful shot that was so off-target, the ball went out for a throw on the other side.

The attempt even annoyed Arsene Wenger, who was seen reacting furiously after the shot. Check out the bit in the video below!

The man himself did not shy away from poking fun at himself though and quite sel-deprecatingly acknowledged the shot with an Instagram post (see below).

Defo A Contender For The Worst Shot Of The Season 😅😳 #BIG17

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