Chelsea fan compares players to high school students and the results are hilarious

In a rather hilarious post, a fan came up with a perfection of an analogy to describe the Chelsea players. Comparing the current Chelsea team to high school students, the post does seem spot-on about the players’ characters.

The fans would most probably agree on all these. Not sure about the players themselves though. Here it goes!

Diego Costa with his penchant for being dismissed is described as the rebel in high school who is sent out in every lesson.

John Terry’s racial row with Anton Ferdinand is summed up hilariously with Terry described as having beaten a black kid once.

Obi Mikel sideways passing fits his description of passing the exams sideways.

Oscar’s looks sees him draw comparison with the high school nerd.

While Eden Hazard is described as the smart kid who never studies but always passes.

Pedro’s habitual praising of his former Barca players sees him described as having a longing for his old mates.

Gary Cahill’s dependence on Terry is also brutally highlighted by with the England man’s description of ‘ the person who sits in toilets at lunch when Terry is absent’.

Cesar Azpilicueta is also described as a student forced to write with his left hand.

With fellow defender Branislav Ivanovic labelled the class’ dumbass.

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