Liverpool fans won’t like this: Ex Red Joe Allen confesses love for Man Utd on intl duty

It surprised most Liverpool fans when Jurgen Klopp let midfielder Joe Allen leave in the transfer window after a brilliant showing for his country at Euro 2016.

The “Welsh Xavi” had grown to be somewhat of a cult figure at Anfield, earning the fans’ adoration with his tireless and passionate performances, not to mention the glorious beard he had going on.

The midfielder signed for Stoke, and although they sit in the 19th position after a horrendous start, the Pirlo lookalike has been their best player by far.

The Welshman even scored the equalizer against Liverpool’s arch rivals Manchester United this season, making United drop valuable points, much to the delight of the Kop.

But now, his cult status at Anfield is under threat, after he confessed to being a Manchester United fan during a promotional video for the official YouTube channel of Football Association of Wales.

When asked by a seven-year-old interviewer why he scored the goal against Manchester United, his favourite club, the Welshman replied: “Don’t tell anyone but I was a Man Utd fan as well, so it was a bit tough for me to score that goal.”

Check out the bit in the video below, it comes around the 1.40 mark.

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