If you want to know how much of a crisis West Ham are in, just look at the Story headlines on BBC

It has by no means been a good start to the season for West Ham United. The Hammers had a tremendous last season as they finished 7th on the points table, and along with the move to the Olympic stadium, it was reason enough for the fans and neutrals alike to raise their expectations of the club.

But rather than living up to the expectations, the club have seemingly faltered under the increased scrutiny and the expectations set of them.

West Ham are down to 18th place in the table losing to the likes of West Brom and Watford while winningly narrowly over League One Accrington Stanley.

Even manager Slaven Bilic went so far as to admit that the club has a problem.

And this screenshot of the headlines on BBC Sport just sums up the absolute state of West Ham at the moment. Check out the picture below!

With the upcoming match against Crystal Palace, the club must do all it can to arrest the alarming malaise surrounding the club.

Source: https://twitter.com/ChrisBanks97/status/785518206781886464/photo/1
Source: https://twitter.com/ChrisBanks97/status/785518206781886464/photo/1

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  1. That doesn’t sum up the state of West Ham. It does sum up the media’s bent interest in West Ham though. Journalists support other teams and just fabricate false headlines in their misplaced envy that West Ham have the Olympic Stadium.

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