(Video) Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris continues being awesome with a cracking last minute save on intl duty

While football is a team sport, it is often commonplace for individual moments of brilliance to decide the outcome of the game.

France’s World Cup Qualifier against Netherlands was just that. While the French’s plethora of world class stars struggled to get their rhythm going, the Dutch with Sniejder and Robben injured sorely lacked the star quality. What transpired was an insipid 90 minutes decided only by Pogba’s goal and Lloris’ wonderful save towards the end.

Though it was Pogba who rightly took the plaudits, Lloris’ save towards the end ensured that Les Bleus collected all three points from the game.

The Tottenham keeper has often been regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he proved that with an outstanding reflex save in the 89th minute to deny Memphis Depay and the Dutch the equalizer.

Watch it below:

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