Man Utd’s sprinting stats ridiculously pales in comparison to Liverpool’s this season

The appointment of the charismatic Jurgen Klopp brought something into the League that was not quite evident in English soil for a long time – the art of the Gegenpressing. And after more than a year under the German, the Reds have finally come to grips with what is expected of them – a complete devotion of their energy.

The rampant Reds have succeeded in winning hearts and games with the characteristic football philosophy of Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool are now a purely pressing juggernaut, armed with swift and lethal counter-attacks when possession is recovered. And this style has seen them win games at Arsenal and Chelsea, and also against Champions Leicester so far this season.

And now, with the famous rivalry looming on Monday, the running stats of Liverpool and Manchester United could not be any more different.

Liverpool have ran the most in the League, 815 km, eleven kms more than the second-placed Manchester City- whereas United have ran the least in the League, totaling 735.6 km, after seven rounds of matches.

Liverpool also have the most sprints in the League, where as United are surprisingly 8th in the number of sprints. Check out the image below!

With the teams facing off on Monday, it will be interesting to see which style comes out on top- the ultra-aggressiveness of Klopp or the man-management of Mourinho.


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