“The Blood Red Rivalry” – Star Sports India produces an epic promo for the Liverpool vs Man Utd fixture

Derby fever is at an all time high ahead of the Liverpool-Manchester crunch match on Monday. And with the English Premier League having a big following across India, Star Sports India has come up with an epic promotional video of the derby.

Set upon the old West theme of guns and blood, the video pits the Reds against the Red Devils. With such intense rivalry between the two clubs, the game becomes a matter of life and death rather than winning or losing.

The red theme used throughout the video does highlight the intensity of the game. Both teams are on a good run of form and it will be interesting to see how ‘the special one’ copes with Jurgen’s gegenpressing that has been so effective so far.

The game surely is turning out to be one of the most anticipated matches in the Premier League so far. Watch the promotional video from Star Sports below:

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