An excellent analysis pointing out how Man Utd killed Liverpool’s game on Monday (Video)

While Mourinho has often been criticized for his negative approach in big away games, there is no doubting his tactical acumen.

Against Liverpool on Monday, the Portuguese pulled off yet another tactical master-stroke albeit with a little extra help from De Gea and Antonio Valencia.

A closer analysis of the match against Liverpool shows the intricate way in which the Portuguese set up his team to counter Liverpool’s gegenpress.

Manchester United pressed high up the pitch to prevent Liverpool build-up play from the back resulting in the Liverpool back three being so hard pressed that they were either passing among themselves for most of the time or hurling a long ball away. Coutinho likewise was hard pressed and struggled to get the game going.

Though Liverpool boasted a 65% possession on the ball, it felt as if Manchester United were the one dictating the play courtesy of their disciplined defensive organization.

Watch the analysis of Man-United’s excellent counter press below:

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  1. Highlights how much LFC missed Wijnaldum. He’s not been the one getting the headlines this season, but his fluency with the ball, moving it quickly, running to make himself an option and his forward thinking approach was badly missed, combined with Emre Can’s lack of match fitness this resulted in a scrappy battle in midfield in contrast to the dominance we have seen for much of this season in this area.

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