(Video) Cheerleaders took to Anfield at half time during Liverpool’s EFL Cup win over Tottenham

It is not everyday that you see cheerleaders take to the football pitch in England. While the cheer ladies may go hand in hand with sports in America, English football does not have the same tradition.

But at Anfield on Tuesday, the half-time entertainment proved more than an eyeful with a group of ladies scantily clad in blue take the pitch.

The incident did drew a lot of flak from various quarters with many unhappy at the prospect of cheerleaders invading English football. The match ended 2-1 with Liverpool progressing to the quarterfinals of the EFL cup at the expense of Tottenham.

On the back of such a reaction, perhaps Liverpool’s American owners might consider the traditions more carefully the next time out as Anfield welcome Leeds United in the quarterfinals.

Watch the fan footage of the cheerleaders below:

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