(Screengrab) Heartwarming Story about a homeless Leeds fan in the recent edition of The Square Ball

The recent edition of Leeds United fanzine The Square Ball was probably remarkable for a lot of reasons, but the one article which stands out is the story of a homeless Leeds United fan.

Andy – a Leeds United fan, apparently had been let off at his printing job and over a short course of time lost his flat and ultimately forced to beseech for spare change at the Lowfields Road tunnel.

Leeds fans had not only offered spare change but food and drinks on matchdays. In a true display of charity for a fellow fan and being, they even offered Andy a flat along with furniture, clothes and all other help they could give to get him back on his feet.

Truly an uplifting philanthropic gesture from the Leeds fans, read the full story below!

Source: https://twitter.com/PhilHayYEP/status/793106813109604358
Source: https://twitter.com/PhilHayYEP/status/793106813109604358

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