Pic: Take a peek at the inside view of Tottenham’s new stadium as the latest render hits the internet

In a bid to seat as many of their supporters as they can, Tottenham Hotspur have begun the building of a new stadium under the project titled the Northumberland Development Project. The club aims to complete the 61,000-seater stadium by the start of the 2018/19 season.

Pictures of what the new stadium will look like from the outside have already been circulating and people have generally liked what they have seen so far. The stadium looks state of the art and exceedingly modern in comparison to White Hart Lane.

A new render of what the stadium will look like on the inside has reached the internet and it is safe to say the inside looks just as amazing as the outside view.

See the latest depiction of Spurs’ new stadium here:

Source: https://twitter.com/uMAXitFootball/status/799119879139950592/photo/1
Source: https://twitter.com/uMAXitFootball/status/799119879139950592/photo/1

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