(Video) This 2 minute compilation of Mousa Dembele dribbling & opening spaces shows the true class of the Tottenham man

Whilst the term “underrated” is often overused in football, it is safe to say that Tottenham midfielder Mousa Dembele fits that description. The Belgian has been a key part of the London side since he first joined them in 2012, yet is sometimes not given the plaudits he deserves.

Fitness issues have often plagued him in his last two seasons at White Hart Lane. However, when fully fit his ability to effortlessly dribble and create chances from midfield whilst also making up numbers at the back sees him start regularly despite the plethora of midfield talent Spurs possess.

A recent compilation video, featuring some of the methods he uses to dribble and open up space from midfield, shows exactly why the Belgian is such an important presence in Spurs’ line-up.

Check out the compilation here:

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