At least Claude v Ty made a glorious return to form after Arsenal went missing at Man Utd yesterday (Video)

Arsenal taking on Manchester United at the Old Trafford turned out to be a nervy affair as expected, with both teams splitting the points in a 1-1 draw.

Arsenal were expected to take all three points on the night with the form they were in – so the fans have their opinion divided on whether the outcome of the match was a satisfactory one for the Gunners.

This sentiment has been reflected accurately on ArsenalFanTV’s post-match interview with regulars Claude and Ty. The divided duo made a return to the program with a bang, with the ever-negative Claude suggesting that Arsenal threw away two points in the match.

The veteran ArsenalFanTV celeb was disgusted with the performance of the Gunners, especially that of Ozil and Sanchez. But Ty, the positive one in the duo, tried to remind Claude that it could have been worse, and that the draw was a pretty good result considering their performance in the match.

Check out the video below!

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