Pic: Arsenal fan FaceTiming during the PSG game at the Emirates shows everything that is wrong with modern football

The game of football has over the years changed in a lot of ways. From a sport that brought about people together exemplifying the spirit of sportsmanship, team spirit and unity, spiralling ticket prices and the huge cash inflow has wholly changed the landscape of football. And along with the sport, the fans also seem to have changed.

And it was none more evident on Wednesday night as Arsenal battled PSG for top spot in Group A. Wenger had talked up the importance of finishing top and the onus was on them to guarantee top spot with all three points yet one fan seem all too unconcerned with the match being played out in front of him reportedly face-timing his girlfriend for 47 minutes!!

Yes, 47 minutes… a whole half of a match. And they still call themselves fans.

Check out the proof below!

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