(Video) Chelsea fan captures Antonio Conte’s ultra passionate demeanour in the final stages of Spurs win

Aside from being one of the most tactically proficient managers in the modern game, Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is quite the passionate individual. He isn’t content to sit back and watch his players do the job; his idea of management revolves around him belting instructions at them throughout the game.

Whilst some might think he overdoes it, his touchline instructions are usually quite helpful to the players. It doesn’t matter if the game is a big one or a small one; if he has something to say to either players or fans, he is quick to let them know.

A Chelsea fan recorded Conte’s touchline antics during the final 3 minutes of the game against Tottenham and uploaded it on YouTube. The Italian’s touchline antics make for entertaining viewing, including an amazing reaction as the final whistle blows!

See Antonio Conte in his full passionate glory here:

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