(Video) Barbaric Paul Pogba long range pass for Fellaini during Man Utd 2-1 Boro

Since his record-breaking move to Manchester United in the summer, Paul Pogba has been the centre of attention for Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United both on and off the field.

Whilst his initial form left a lot to be desired, the Frenchman has been in divine form lately, having settled into the side.

Mourinho’s decision to implement a three-man midfield instead of his preferred two-man midfield has reaped dividends for both Pogba and the side with the Red Devils look a lot more compact and harder to break down.

Most importantly, Pogba has a modicum of freedom in the middle of the park to show off his creativity and passing ability. And both were on display during Manchester United’s victory over Middlesbrough.

Receiving an easy pass just inside United’s half, Pogba didn’t even bother controlling the ball; he adjusted his body and launched an absolute fizzer of a ball to pick out Marouane Fellaini just outside the opposition penalty area.

See Pogba’s ridiculously brilliant pass here:

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