“F*** Off” – Alexis Sanchez with a stern bollocking for Aaron Ramsey during Arsenal’s 3-3 draw v Bournemouth (Video)

For all the talk of a lack of strong leadership in the Arsenal side, Alexis Sanchez may just be the kind of player that Arsenal has lacked in recent years.

The forward has always been known for his overly passionate displays along with his supreme footballing talent. Sanchez has also not been scared to express his anger when he feels certain team-mates are not putting in their weight for the team.

Sanchez zealous attitude was once more on display for all to see during Arsenal’s 3-3 draw with Bournemouth on Tuesday night. A poor first half from Arsenal saw them slump 2-0 to an inspired Bournemouth.

As such with frustrations running high in the Arsenal team, Sanchez and Ramsey got involved in a spat when the former opted to shoot from outside the box ignoring his other team-mates around the box.

Aaron Ramsey was quick to make a fuss at the Chilean’s selfishness which only infuriated Sanchez further as the former Barcelona man shot back with several words including an X-rated inapt ‘f*** off’ towards Ramsey.

Check out the incident below:

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