Pic: Celtic captain Scott Brown standing on the advertising boards in front of raging Rangers fans

Celtic yet again stamped their authority in the Scottish top flight with a 2-1 win over Rangers in the latest Old Firm derby.

It was Rangers, spurred by the home advantage, who first came racing out of the blocks as they scored an early goal to set the tempo of the match. Celtic though showed why they are a class above the rest of the league as they hit back with goals from Moussa Dembele and Scott Sinclair to stretch their unbeaten domestic run to 25 matches and steer 19 points clear of Rangers in second place.

In a manner truly befitting Celtic’s stature over Rangers, Celt skipper Scott Brown walked out of the pitch towards the Rangers end during an instance in the game and amidst the jeers from the Gers faithful, proudly stood tall with chest out arm on hips atop an advertising hoarding.

Check out the picture below!

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  1. Scott didn’t walk off the pitch then jump on the board.It was during the game,he had chased a ball that went out for a goal kick.On his return to the pitch he stood atop the board for a second to milk the applause that was coming from the people behind him.He is nice and mature these days and much loved by all fans in Scotland.HH

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      1. It’s a pretty low bar for ‘inciting’ these knuckle draggers though. Anything vaguely Irish or Catholic or even merely the suggestion that they play to the same rules as the rest of Scottish football sends these lunatics into a frothing rage!

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    1. In terms of the question about old club, new club, that was settled very much by the Lord Nimmo Smith commission that was put together by the SPL to look at EBT payments at that time.


      FIFA have now rejected those claims as they promote the latest edition of their weekly magazine saying: “After their enforced relegation in 2012, Glasgow Rangers are in the hunt for promotion back to Scotland’s top flight.”

      Unlucky Knewco, no matter which way you turn it you’re wrong.

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