This is how the new Liverpool dressing room at Anfield will reportedly look (Picture)

The current temporary accommodations at Anfield

Liverpool are a club that have a rich history in the annals of English football. The Scouse side have always been one of the biggest teams in English football, such is the level of success they enjoyed. And whilst they have struggled a bit in recent years, their position as one of the biggest clubs in England is unchanged.

Anfield, their home stadium, is as integral a part of their history as all their silverware. The stadium’s famous Kop End is often seen as one of the most intimidating home ends in world football and the atmosphere of the ground is legendary. That being said, Liverpool have been working hard to modernize the stadium.

This includes the construction of a new Main Stand as well as shifting the dressing rooms. Pictures of the new dressing rooms were recently revealed. Despite the modern look of the rooms, they manage to convey the aura and sheer classiness of the club with the work gone in to designing it.

See how the new dressing room looks here:

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