Chile coach uses FIFA POTY voting ballot to show appreciation for Arsenal star

The FIFA Player of the Year Ceremony recently took place and to the surprise of no one, Cristiano Ronaldo won the award. After an amazing year with both club and country, it’s hard to say the Portuguese international didn’t deserve it. However, opinions on the matter still vary among fans.

Perhaps the one reason people dispute the validity of the award is because it is awarded on the basis of votes from professionals and coaches. Whilst the set-up is a democratic one, they are allowed to vote for any player they like. This can lead to votes being cast solely on the basis of club or national loyalty.

Such was the case with Juan Antonio Pizzi, the coach of the Chile national team. The voting system revealed that he voted for Chile and Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez. Amazingly, he didn’t even bother filling out a nomination for second and third place, leaving the slots blank.

Check out the voting below!

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