Leeds United’s Alex Mowatt rapping hardcore when he was young is the best thing you’ll see all week

On-field performances of footballers are so minutely scrutinized that their talents off the field are frequently ignored. Who knew that Mario Balotelli is a gifted pianist, Daniel Agger is a qualified tattoo artist, and Theo Walcott has authored children’s books?

If Leeds United fans wish they had a talented lad of their own they could boast of, they need not look further than their star midfielder Alex Mowatt. As it turns out, the player possesses a talent that greatly befits his pace along the flanks: he’s a rapper!

An old video that has recently surfaced online shows a very young Alex Mowatt indulging in a heated rap battle, and looks like he was quite good at it! With an interesting hairstyle and a stud to flaunt his left ear, Mowatt appears to have a great penchant for rapping. Maybe something he could seriously consider post retirement?

Check out Alex Mowatt’s rapping skills below-

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