Arsenal fans banner about Alexis Sanchez’s dogs makes the papers before the Swansea game (Screenshot)

Alexis Sanchez’s contract situation has been a constant source of worry for Arsenal fans this season. The Chilean has been something of a revelation at the centre-forward role; however, his current contract is up in 18 months and there is still no progress on getting the star to put pen to paper on a new deal.

And it seems fans have decided to take the matter in their own hands to ensure their star player remains at the Emirates.

The Chilean superstar has two beloved pet dogs named Atom and Humber whom he has discussed in interviews before; amazingly, they are central to a fan clubs’ plan to keep him at the club.

REDaction, an Arsenal supporters group, started an online campaign to raise £500 to make a banner in tribute to his dogs – amazingly, they surpassed their target.

The story was so out of the ordinary that it made the newspapers, something which will no doubt amuse a great number of fans. Check out screengrab of the news story here:

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  1. The answer is simple. Ozil never plays a full season. He has injuries, he plays in international tournaments, has games where he’s not interested and always seems to have Christmas month off,. Sell him for £40/50 million, give his £140(?) thousand a week to Sanchez. We seem to manage alright with our present middy’s so he won’t be that much of a loss and best of all Alexis will stay.

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