Ramon Vega on FantasyFC: “If any player has the opportunity to play for Celtic – go by bike or run up there” (Video)

Celtic have always been one of two premier clubs in Scottish football; the other club being their Old Firm rivals Rangers. However, the Hoops have risen to a whole different level this season under Brendan Rodgers. Not only have they absolutely dominated in Scotland, but they’ve done well in Europe too.

Given how impressive the club have been in recent times, it’s safe to say they would be a decent destination for any player young or old. Top prospects like Moussa Dembele have made Celtic their home, and according to the words of a former Celtic player, other players should follow suit.

Former Swiss defender Ramon Vega recently stated that he would encourage players to join the club. Citing the amazing environment created by fans and the great time he had at the club, he felt it would be a good place for anyone to ply their trade.

Check out a clip from his bit during Sky Sports’ Fantasy Football Club show below:

3 Replies to “Ramon Vega on FantasyFC: “If any player has the opportunity to play for Celtic – go by bike or run up there” (Video)”

  1. Rangers are dead.

    Died in 2012 due to liquidation of club, company. Assets were sold, bought by Charles ‘big ‘ands’ Green and he began The Rangers International Football club.

    Therefore the Old Firm is no more, due to the reasons i have already pointed out.

    Rangers are a 5 year old club with lower league honors, just because you rip up the death certificate doesn’t make anyone less dead.


    It’s all about the research this journalism lark, eh Shayne.

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  2. The team prenrending to be Rangers are in fact Sevco and they have not won any major honors in Scottish football despite getting statistically impossible constant home draws in the cup competitions. Aberdeen are Celtic’s rivals. Hail hail to my sheep friends in the North.

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  3. Ps the best time for a Sevco player to commit a red card offence is just before a vital Scottish cup tie. Because the SFA see no evil , hear no evil and support the myth of continuity for the dead club.

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