(Video) Ex Gunner reckons Arsenal should be wary of Tottenham’s progress on & off the field

Every club has former players who hold a questionable reputation in the eyes of their fans, and Paul Merson is undoubtedly one of them. The former Gunner made some scathing remarks about Wenger’s boys on a Sky Sports show recently, but even Arsenal fans cannot disagree this time.

He reflected every Gooner’s frustration over Arsenal’s spell of consecutive poor performances, with the major cause of embarrassment being that they languish three spots below all-time north London rivals Tottenham.

Merson also drew comparison with the famous ‘Pochettino pose‘ evidencing Spurs’ consistent signings while stating that if Arsenal doesn’t replicate it with their own ‘Wenger pose’, the club can forget being a force to recon with.

Arsenal might face growing prospects of possibly losing their sublime playmaker Ozil and star striker Sanchez at the end of this season if their contracts are not extended soon.

Check out Merson’s opinion on Arsenal’s situation-

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  1. Merson is a bitter man, Wenger got rid of him as he was an embarrasement to the club with his life style. As for Tottenham why should Arsenal worry about them, Arsenal ‘s stadium is built and nearly paid for; and it’s unlikley Arsenal’s record will ever be overtaken by Tottenham.

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