Pic: The ultra attacking formation Tottenham grew into during their 4-0 demolition of West Brom

Mauricio Pochettino’s master tactics were at display once again as Tottenham destroyed West Brom 4-0 on Saturday, and the visitors were lucky as their punishment could have been a lot worse.

The tested 3-4-2-1 formation saw the Spurs attack being led by the famed troika of Alli and Eriksen with hat-trick hero Kane upfront, supported closely by the midfield pairing of Dembele & Wanyama and dangerously flanked by Rose and Walker.

The Baggies had a tough time facing onslaught after another as virtually the entire Tottenham squad (barring keeper Lloris) was deployed for just humiliating the enemy defence.

Check out the formation Spurs’ ultimately grew into against¬†West Brom-

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