“What the ball truly means” – Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino’s interview with La Nacion was like a breath of fresh air

Regarded as one of the brightest young managers in the modern game, Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has gradually overseen a remarkable transformation at Tottenham Hotspur that has seen the club establish itself as strong title contenders in recent seasons.

Even more remarkable has been the Argentine’s incredible success story with a core of young English players such as Kane, Dier and Alli.

In an exclusive interview with Argentine daily La Nacion, the Tottenham boss had a rather refreshing insight on what football means to him, his philosophy, the English fans and his ambition to one day return to his native Argentina.

The 44 year old talked about his respect and love for the game and his preference for professional recognition rather than being popular on social media platforms declaring he doesn’t need a thousand followers on Twitter to be happy.

I prefer professional recognition before populism and to be charming in order to sell something. I have a great deal of respect for this profession. It is my passion. Football is emotion. We also have to preserve it and care for it, not everything goes. I believe that everything is a bit distorted from the business aspect and those things. But I try to maintain my respect for what the ball truly means.

Pochettino also expressed his dismay with the behaviour of fans in Spain and Argentina who turn up at games for more political reasons rather than the love of the game unlike the English fans.

Check out the inspiring bit from Poch below:

In Europe English football is underestimated. They still believe it is the same (type of football) that was played 30-40 years ago. The longball game. Sometimes it is to the point of disdain for the English footballer and English culture. Maybe that is changing slowly because the financial muscle is here, that has big stars, with the exception of those that play for Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern or Juventus to come here.

There is an uncontrolled passion for football in England, but in a respectful manner. It’s where the footballer or the coach are like an actor or a doctor- they are respected by society. They are a person with a talent and the garners the admiration within this society.

That is something that in Argentina,South America or in other parts of Europe, creates envy. Anyone there feels it is within their right to discredit or insult you. Here that is sacred and there is no price for that. People go to the pitch to enjoy themselves. Meanwhile you see matches in Spain or Argentina and you feel a little embarrassed. half of the people go because of political reasons, they insult, injure and create problems. It’s hard to say, but English football is an example to follow. Because us Argentine, because of all that has happened, because of the difficult history we’ve had, we still hold a grudge over everything that is English.

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