“He is wired differently” – Sports lawyer Ian Lynam shares a crazy anecdote regarding Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez

The fact that Alexis Sanchez is a world class player is quite well known. It’s the main reason Arsenal fans are so jittery that he is yet to sign a new contract extension, despite having only a year and a half left on his existing deal. The man also has a psyche that is unique in modern football.

In the footballing world where fitness and fatigue training is constantly gaining importance, Sanchez seemingly takes pride in pushing his body to the limit at all times. How beneficial this may be in the long run is up for debate, but it’s the way the Chilean international operates.

This mentality is something confirmed by Ian Lynam, a sports lawyer based in London. Taking to Twitter, the man shared an amusing story about how Alexis enjoys his training. It is a story that once again highlights just how committed to his craft the forward is.

Check out the almost unbelievable story here:

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