The media bias against Man Utd captain Wayne Rooney when he gets drunk vs when he raises £1.2m for charity

While never fulfilling the early promise he showed as a teenager at Everton, there is no doubt that Wayne Rooney will go down in history as one of the greatest ever players to grace the English Premier League and the England national team.

The Manchester United man has been a mainstay in the Manchester United and the England national team for well over a decade and so far leads the way in goal scoring records for both club and country.

Despite such outstanding achievements, the English media, as notorious as it is has never been a friend to the England skipper with Rooney on the receiving end of numerous criticisms and allegations from the media.

A most recent incident involved the media blatantly using the England captain’s drunk episode (see picture above) for publicity with Rooney coming under severe flake when he was spotted in a hotel heavily under the influence of alcohol while on England duty.

While the news made headlines with the story making the front pages, the media had a less publicized approach when reporting Rooney’s recent effort at raising a £1.2 million charity with Rooney’s goodwill being covered in a small newspiece unlike the glitzy cover photos used to report his infamous drunk night out. See the picture below!

The comparison goes a long way to point out the alleged double standards of the media as well as their disdain for the Manchester United captain.

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