Chelsea hitman Diego Costa fine tuning his goal-scoring skills in preparation for “Arse-nal” (Video)

Diego Costa has been a controversial figure in football ever since he joined Chelsea. The Brazil-born Spanish international has always possessed a penchant for taking things too far, and as such is constantly in the news, mostly for the wrong reasons. His controversial reputation often overshadows his significant talent on the pitch.

However, the striker is known amongst his inner circle to possess a softer side, one that isn’t highlighted by the media as often. Whilst he is a warrior on the field, after the game is over he is the type of individual who likes having fun. This side of him was on full display during a recent training session at Cobham.

During some routine training, the ball came to Costa, who just happened to be in front of a small goal. The joint top-scorer in the Premier League then proceeded to score a goal in the empty net using nothing but his back-side as he sat down on the ground, letting his rear end skim the ball to send it into goal.

See the hilarious video that Chelsea posted on their Facebook page here:

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