Leaked: Huge concrete slabs featuring the Tottenham badge to be used in the new stadium (Image)

The general feeling around Tottenham Hotspur currently is quite a positive one. The club have firmly established themselves as one of the top clubs in the Premier League and are enjoying a fine run of form that sees them firmly cemented in the top 3. To top it off, they have a young squad that has been well invested in.

The club will have something bigger to look forward – literally – when they are finally able to move into their new stadium that will seat up to 60,000 people.

Mock-up pictures of the stadium have already been leaked and they look promising. Recently, another leak regarding the new stadium hit the internet.

It appears the new stadium is set to feature massive concrete blocks in and around its parameter. What’s more, the blocks, at least some of them, will have the Spurs logo all over it, thus adding to the overall atmosphere.

See pictures of the concrete blocks, which recently got leaked online, here:

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