Class act Diego Costa congratulated Mignolet after saving his penalty during Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea (Image)

Liverpool’s hopes of re-entering the title race were severely dashed after they could only secure a draw against current league leaders Chelsea. Whilst the race is far from over at this point, the fact that Liverpool couldn’t reduce the deficit at the top is something that could easily come back to haunt them later.

That being said, Liverpool were somewhat lucky to even get away with a point. Chelsea were awarded a penalty late in the second half and as Diego Costa stepped up, it seemed inevitable the current top scorer would win Chelsea another three points but amazingly, his spot kick was saved by Simon Mignolet.

Despite being pretty disappointed, the normally fiery Diego Costa showed a touch of class after the incident. The Spanish international went up to the ‘keeper and offered him a handshake to congratulate him, giving the much-maligned Mignolet the type of credit he rarely gets from even his own fanbase at times.

Check out a picture of Costa’s show of sportsmanship here:

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