Photoshopping Tottenham fan visualizes how ArsenalFanTV would look like if Sutton manage to beat Arsenal

Arsenal’s 5-0 thrashing of Southampton saw the Gunners go through to the fifth round of the FA Cup whilst dispatching a quality Premier League side in the process. The London side also experienced the luck of the draw, since they will be facing non-League side Sutton in the next round of cup fixtures.

Naturally, this has also led to speculation amongst fans of a potential “cup-set” and the hilarious reactions that might follow. Arsenal fans are infamous for being more reactionary than most; this is something that is perfectly highlighted by Arsenal Fan TV, a YouTube channel created and run by Gooners that post reaction videos after games.

The channel has become something of a sensation amongst football fans on the internet, with many tuning in to the channel when Arsenal lose games. Hilariously, Spurs Twitter account @Simply_Spurs used the magic of Photoshop and showed many people what they might just witness should Sutton do the unthinkable and actually beat Arsenal.

Take a look at the edits here:


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