(Video) Lazar Markovic got real close to becoming a hero with the Liverpool fans during Hull’s 0-0 draw v Man Utd last night

When Liverpool lost star striker Luiz Suarez to Barcelona, the club indulged in massive splurging on players to fill the void left by the Uruguayan, and one such signing was Lazar Markovic. But three years on, Markovic is yet to make his mark at Anfield.

Markovic’s £20 million transfer to Liverpool in 2014 only saw him being sent off on loan moves first to Fenerbahce and then to Sporting Lisbon. Long injury stints there resulted in an unimpressed Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp further sending the 22 year-old to Hull City for another season long loan.

But an incident that occurred in last night’s goal-less draw between Manchester United and Hull City could have changed the Liverpool fans opinion of him after the Serbian came excruciatingly close to hitting a match winning goal against Liverpool arch rivals Man United during the 0-0 Hull draw.

Check out the close strike below –

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