Chelsea boss Antonio Conte unleashed hell on one of first team coaches during Arsenal win (Video)

Throughout the top-flight managerial career of Antonio Conte, the one constant alongside him has been Angelo Alessio. The former midfielder has been alongside Conte since the latter was the manager of Siena all the way through the glory days at Juventus. He was even a part of his coaching team with the Italy national team.

Alessio is currently the assistant manager at Chelsea, where he and Conte are in the process of building a side that is hard to defeat. It’s a known fact that Conte takes his job very seriously; the man himself has admitted to losing sleep over lost games. Somewhat amusingly, his own assistant was the target of some of Conte’s in-game “passion”.

During Chelsea’s 3-1 win over Arsenal, there was a point when the Gunners managed to get a header on target via a set piece. Conte, enraged at his team’s lack of focus on defence, grabbed Alessio by his jacket, yelled at him and then forcefully sent him down the touchline with a clipboard in hand, presumably to pass on some instructions to the players.

Check out the alarming yet utterly hilarious sequence of events here:

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