Disgraceful scenes as a Huddersfield fan waving a Turkey flag spotted during the derby v Leeds (Photo)

The fixture between Huddersfield and Leeds United was, as usual, physically and emotionally charged, with tensions running high enough to see late bookings along with managers of both sides being sent off.

Apart from the on-field action, passions flared in the stands as well, as bitter fans had their own unique ways of showing animosity towards each other. One such incident involving alleged Huddersfield fans flashing the Turkish flag has drawn flak from all over.

A spectator was ejected from the stands during the West Yorkshire derby for unfurling the Turkish flag, which was implied to be a reference to the two Leeds fans who were stabbed before the UEFA Cup semi-final game at Istanbul in 2000.

While police authorities confirmed seizing of the flag, Leeds fans took to social media to condemn the incident in strong terms.

Check out the picture of fans unfurling the Turkish flag below –

Source: https://twitter.com/TheTjHiggins

2 thoughts on “Disgraceful scenes as a Huddersfield fan waving a Turkey flag spotted during the derby v Leeds (Photo)”

  1. Those low-life “dog botherers” have the audacity to think that they are angels and a traditional family football club, but they are just as bad as Millwall fans for unfurling that flag. The “local rag” in Huddersfield and also their excitable, childish Manager, are the ones who have whipped up a huge increase in hatred, in this pathetic fixture, which every Leeds fan really couldn’t give a monkeys about.
    Playing Leeds is the highlight of the century for Huddersfield and the so-called bitter rivalry is totally one-sided and only exists in their own jealous minds.

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