MOTD graphic shows just how stifled Alexis Sanchez got by the Chelsea defence yesterday

Much has been made of how effortlessly Chelsea dismantled Arsenal at Stamford Bridge yesterday, with the hosts never looking too bothered by any of Arsenal’s attacks. Whilst there were some moments when Arsenal could have made an impact on the game, they didn’t do well enough to convert them.

Much of this was down to how well organised Chelsea were at the back. They have been nearly impenetrable since switching to their 3-man defence and this was yet another solid defensive showing from Chelsea.

Bar Giroud’s last-minute consolation goal, the Blues defence were unfazed by most of the Gunners attackers.

This was especially true in the case of Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean is the joint top-scorer in the Premier League alongside Chelsea hitman Diego Costa and should have posed more of a threat.

Amazingly, Chelsea were so well organised that Sanchez, such a danger around goal, never had a single touch inside the penalty area throughout the game.

Check out Sanchez’s touch map as posted by the official MOTD account here:

1 thought on “MOTD graphic shows just how stifled Alexis Sanchez got by the Chelsea defence yesterday”

  1. Arsenal under Wenger need time and space to play his beautiful and endless passing game.When teams get stuck in,the gunners are unable to adapt and consequently will lose or draw. That’s how Watford and Everton beat them.Chelsea effectively stifled them.
    Allied to this fact is the FM’s preference for guys who are like ballet dancers.Thats why in a 50/50 challenge the gunners will invariably come out 2nd best.How can a 178cm guy compare with a 188cm beast?Arsenal must get some destroyers ie thugs to break up the opposition,something the fm is loath to do. He will have to pay the price and get beaten regularly until he leaves.j
    As for Sanchez he is not the only one who was stifled.Ozil was neutralized as well.Make no mistake this Chelsea team will not wilt with a 12 point lead.If Wenger has a similar lead,chances are he will blow it thanks to his pretty soccer doctrine.
    I say time for him to leave.

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