Hilarious reaction from Newcastle fans after DeAndre Yedlin’s tea party goes viral on Twitter

If your idea of a typical Wednesday evening involves getting together with your lads over a steaming cup of tea, you would probably had been invited to #YedlinsTeaParty.

Newcastle fullback DeAndre Yedlin accidentally started trending yesterday after his picture with team-mates Lazaar, Anita and Haidara drinking tea went viral amongst the Toon fans.

Although many fans were amused to see an American enjoying a cup of British tea, reactions were not limited to Yedlin himself, as fans’ targets ranged from managers to players alike.

The 23-year old American fulback has always struck a chord with his fans, as his consistent performances have earned him some strong backing since his arrival at Newcastle.

And with Newcastle’s promotion hopes only growing stronger by the day, it’s not surprising to see massive fan support on everything related to the club.

Check out some of the best fan reactions to Yedlin’s tea party below!

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