Pic: American Liverpool fan gets an Adam Lallana tattoo you simply cannot unsee

Football fans can go to any levels to show devotion towards their favourite players. But sometimes, even some good old fan support can be too much to take.

Adam Lallana will surely relate to this sentiment, only if he could see what a fan has in store for him.

The 28 year old midfielder is known for his iconic stylish fashion sense, but a style statement by an American fan of his club is going to be too much for Lallana to take.

A picture that has emerged on a Reddit thread shows a Liverpool fan’s thigh tattooed with Adam Lallana’s face with the ears and bust of a llama.

Definitely not the kind of love Lallana would expect from a fan, check out the tattoo below!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/user/Dr_Hemlock125

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