Pics: Paul Pogba spotted wearing boots with his own emoji printed on them during Man Utd 3-0 Leicester

Being the most expensive footballer in the world has its own perks.

After being the first football player to have his own emoji, Paul Pogba has now gone a step further and ordered boots that carry the French flag along with his emoji as well.

Always a trend-setter, the Frenchman worth £89 million grabbed eyeballs after he disclosed his own emoji that appears every time somebody types #Pogba on Twitter.

Many fans were not particularly happy with all the off-field activities that Pogba seemed to be devoting focus on; some urged him to rather work more towards justifying his hefty price tag instead.

But Pogba being Pogba, the 23 year old irked haters by emblazoning the emoji itself on his boots during United’s 3-0 win against Leicester City.

Check out Pogba’s emoji on his customized boots below –

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