Stunning pictures of Man Utd hotshot Paul Pogba’s new house surfaces online

Paul Pogba’s flashiness has earned him as many lovers as haters. What Pogba does on the field is complemented in equal measure by his antics off the pitch. Not a week goes by when the French International is not in news for another audacious act he committed.

So when the recent news surfaced that the Manchester United star man has brought a new house in Manchester, with an attached price tag of 2.9 million pounds, eyebrows were bound to be raised.

Needless to say, the five-bedroom mansion is quite stunning and covetous with an indoor swimming pool, fireplace mantel, pool room and luxurious kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Also, the mansion is closer to United’s training ground at Carrington than Pogba’s current home in Lowry Hotel.

Manchester United fans would hope that their star man’s move to a stable home will provide enough motivation to keep up his good form and justify his tag as world’s most expensive player.

Take a look at Pogba’s new home:

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