Henderson angrily staring at Conte after the Chelsea boss kicked the ball away from Liverpool captain at Anfield (Video)

Table toppers Chelsea’s face off against Liverpool had a lot at stake and despite some strong performances, nothing could separate the two sides from settling for a 1-1 draw.

Emotions were hard to keep in check during the game with tensions escalating to such an extent even trivial moments had potential to see strong reactions. And that is exactly what Liverpool captain fell prey to in a moment during the game.

Just as Henderson went to the sideline to grab the ball for a throw-in, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte kicked the ball back onto the field, drawing from Henderson a reaction so cold that it could have left just about anybody weak in the knees.

Since one stare down of Conte wasn’t enough, Henderson made his frustration against the manager felt with another steely stare right when he was walking back to his position.

Watch Henderson staring down Conte below –

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