(Video) It seems ArsenalFanTV’s Troopz does not hold a very high opinion of Gary Neville

Gary Neville ignited controversy during a post-match Sky Sports show last week wherein the former United man labelled an Arsenal supporter as “an idiot” for gunning for manager Arsene Wenger’s head following Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to Chelsea.

Despite drawing flak for his comments (the most notable one being an ArsenalFanTV tweet mocking Neville’s disastrous stint as Valencia manager) the former United defender refused to back down and stuck to his opinion.

And now ArsenalFanTV’s Troopz have put the ball back in Gary’s court with a video reminding him to be thankful about the fact that there’s no ValenciaFanTV to gun for him instead!

Your move, Neville! Check out the Troopz response below –

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