Cheeky Celtic fans spot the change in Rangers official Twitter bio from the start of the season

In this age of social media, where any kind of credible evidence is just a screenshot away, rarely can anything escape the watchful eyes of scrutiny. And Rangers FC seems to have learnt this the hard way.

Some overtly observant Celtic fans recently taught to Rangers’ social media managers a very important lesson in covering up their tracks, by exposing an embarrassing change that the club’s official Twitter account’s bio has undergone since the past 5 months.

Since September last year, Rangers FC’s Twitter account description has now omitted the expression #GoingFor55 which indicated the club’s pursuit of its 55th League title.

And provided that the gap between Rangers and Celtic has increased from just 7 points then to an unassailable 27 today, looks like the 55th title will clearly have to wait for now.

Spotted by @StandForCeltic, check out the change in Rangers’ Twitter bio below¬†–

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