West Ham above Arsenal, Spurs & Chelsea in TV viewing numbers in America this season

It’s been a season full of ups and downs for West Ham United. The London side flirted with relegation at one point before climbing back up to a more respectable mid-table position. However, they also managed to lose their best player when Dmitri Payet forced a move back to Marseille.

There’s also the fact that all this negativity came in the very season the club moved to a brand new home in the Olympic Stadium. Given how well they did last season and the kind of transfers they made, many gave the Hammers a chance – albeit a small one – of even being able to make the top 4.

Whilst that obviously hasn’t happened, they are a top 4 side in one particular metric: TV ratings of Premier League clubs in America. Amazingly, the Hammers see more average viewers per game than fellow London rivals Spurs, as well as Chelsea and Arsenal, both of whom have global fanbases.

See how many viewers per game the Hammers average here:

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