(Video) Mad passion from Gini Wijnaldum while celebrating Sadio Mane’s first goal during Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

The fearsome attacking prowess of Liverpool this season was on complete display again as the Reds won 2-0 against Spurs on Saturday. Moreover, a league clean sheet, the first since 31st Dec 2016, has no doubt improved the morale of the much-maligned defence.

So, it should come as no surprise if there were displays of extreme emotions during and after the match. And apart from the mad celebrations of Jurgen Klopp, if there was someone who caught the eyes of the Reds faithful, it has to be Gini Wijnaldum.

Just as Mane scored the first goal for Liverpool in the 16th minute, the Dutch International exploded with mad passion and energy which involved some crazy body movements. Take a look below:

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