Bald Pontus Jansson responds to the rumours that he and Bartley fell out in Leeds training

Rumour factories had been running overtime at Leeds United but it took only a picture on Twitter to halt production.

Pontus Jansson, who has now gone bald, took to social media today to kill all speculations claiming that he had a bust up with team-mate Kyle Bartley in training recently, by posting a selfie of the two captioned: “We only fight together bro.

Jansson missed his side’s 2-0 defeat to Cardiff on Sunday afternoon, and while illness was cited as the official reason for the defender’s absence, rumors suggested that the real reason was actually an altercation that Jansson had with Bartley.

Ecstatic fans expressed relief after the picture was posted, as the Pontus-Bartley duo have helped Leeds consistently maintain one of the best defensive records in the Championship.

Jansson’s return from injury will certainly help fifth-placed Leeds as Gary Monk’s side will take on Bristol City tomorrow.

Check out the picture Pontus Jansson tweeted along with Bartley below!

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