Mesut Ozil’s new girlfriend is quite an addition to Arsenal WAGs FC (Photos)

Football fans love keeping up with their idols both on and off the field; it is one of the reasons why so many players love using social media, because it gives them a way to keep their fans up to date with happenings in their lives. As such, one of the most common gossip sources amongst football fans are players WAG’s.

Short for Wives And Girlfriends, there is often much made about who a particular footballer is dating or even getting married to. Things are no different for Arsenal fans; Gooners take pride in the fact that the WAGs of their respective players also live up to the same high standards they set for their players.

The latest addition to Arsenal WAGS FC is the new mysterious girlfriend of Mesut Ozil. Nothing much is known about her at present, but she was recently spotted out with the Arsenal star in a restaurant in London. Based on the visuals, it’s clear that whilst Ozil likes to assist on the field, off it he’s all about scoring.

See pictures of Ozil and his new lady friend below:

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