Pic: Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho in Milan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his wife

After a horrendous start to the year, it looks like things are getting back on track for Klopp’s boys after the victory against Spurs on the weekend.

Their next fixture is after 2 weeks, and so the squad members are having a mini vacation of sorts before returning back to training. Philippe Coutinho, the Liverpool No. 10, was recently spotted in the beautiful city of Milan, probably to celebrate Valentine’s day with his wife Aine Coutinho.

Coutinho, who started his senior career with Inter, struggled to gain first team action with the San Siro outfit. He was later brought by Liverpool in 2013, where he subsequently became a star.

But having spent some time in the fashion capital, the Brazilian is very much aware of its beauty and took some time out of his busy schedule to explore the glorious old city with his wife before returning to training.

Check out the picture below!

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