Embarrassing gaffe from Metro as the newspaper mixes up between Newcastle team-mates post Norwich draw

Given how football as a sport is almost a natural part of the English way of life, it isn’t at all surprising that the media in the country dedicates a lot of time to the beautiful game. Every newspaper, TV channel and website has special sections dedicated to football rumours, analysis and the like.

However, too much coverage isn’t necessarily all good. In fact, many a media outlet has been taken to task for reporting something wrong. However, absolutely nothing can beat the gaffe made by daily English newspaper “Metro” made recently, who seemed to have a case of stolen identity play out on their back pages.

Newcastle got a valuable point against Norwich recently thanks to a fantastic Jamaal Lascelles equalizer. However, the Metro published a photograph of Dwight Gayle and captioned it with Lascelles name, forgetting the first basic rule of journalism: always double check your facts and figures.

See the embarrassing gaffe in all its glory here:

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